Headliner repair - getting pimpy

Brian Devlin nilvednairb at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 13:38:49 EDT 2003

That's right, metal then some thick cardboardy stuff
then foam and cloth. The board is held in by various
pieces of trim at the edges and glue in the middle.
The previous owner removed mine before I bought it,
but I think he just used a long scraper to get to the

The board will fit through the front door of a sedan
or out the back of an avant.

The nasty parts is the combination of glue and decayed
foam between the cloth and board. I scraped most of it
off and then hit it with a hose- oddly enough the glue
is water soluble. The board will absorb water at the
edges and at any tears, but most of the water will
roll off. Once it's clean and dry, putting it together
is pretty easy.

--- SJ <syljay at optonline.net> wrote:
> Yeah, I gotta do that!  . .. and hang them big foam
> dice from my rear view
> mirror . . . .raccoon tail on the antenna . . ..
> > Now for a serious question . . .How to you get the
> headliner out of the car?
> Is the cloth/foam material glued to the headliner
> board? And this board is
> what is attached to the inner metal roof?
> > Is the construction of the headliner as shown
> > Metal roof                    ==============
> headliner board            ---------------------
> cloth/foam material       ________________
> > > SJ
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> 85 Audi 4k - - sold but still on the road
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