Need Help CGTt ran for 3 mins & now it won't

Stpndsmnn at Stpndsmnn at
Sun Jun 29 22:42:27 EDT 2003

Hey all,

Had my CGTt back together today after a nasty problem with washed out bores..

I am pretty sure I have/had the fuel system fixed so that it wasn't so rich
but now I am worried that it did it again...

I ball honed the bores out so they had nice cross-hatching in them and
replaced all of the rings as well as the pistons...

Got everything together this afternoon and got it fired up.  It ran for
approx..  3 minutes and I checked the oil to make sure the level was okay.  I added
a little bit more oil and went to start it again and it just turns over like
there is no compression..

When I turn it over by hand it also feels like there is no compression which
isn't too surprising considering the rings are new...  Right now I am worried
that it was running rich again and that it washed out the rings...  I don't
know if that can happen in 3 minutes...  but it's the only thing I can think

I checked for possible vacuum and fuel leaks but couldn't find any..  I know
the fuel pump turns on with the key so the FPR is fine..  other than that I
have no clue

Any help would be great...

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