OT: European mobile phone info needed

Andrew Duane USG duane at zk3.dec.com
Mon Jun 30 10:15:53 EDT 2003

Sorry for the off-topic post, I'll keep it brief.

My daughter is moving to Spain for 3 months, and I'm trying to figure
out how to keep her "connected". Our local mobile phone company doesn't
have any useful plans for this in-between length of time.  Does someone
out there have some info on short-term (maybe prepaid?) mobile phone plans
that allow calls to the states for not too much money? I'm open to options.
Reply back to me privately, keep it off-list.

Audi content: does anyone near Barcelona have a TT Roadster in Amulet Red
that would take her for a test drive? You'd have a friend for life!


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