Green Diamonds, anyone?

Jim Green jeg1976 at
Sat Mar 1 16:48:53 EST 2003

--- Benjamin Weste Pearre
<bwpearre at> wrote:
> After having to get pulled out of a ditch last
> evening (long story,
> though actually it's quite short), I'm thinking
> studded tires might be
> a good idea.  I have a friend with a WRX who
> impressed me with his
> studded Hakka1s (yeah, we were in my car because
> Audi transmissions
> aren't made out of glass), but I'm curious whether
> anyone has had a
> chance to compare any traditional studs against
> Green Diamond tires
> (their address is ;).
> Here's the deal: I was going 25 mph down the road
> from Arapahoe Basin
> to Dillon, and the road went from "decent" to
> "skating rink" just as I
> saw a few mangled cars downroad of me (I'm guessing
> the road had at
> least a 4% grade there).  Since my tires (oldish
> Pirelli P210
> Wintersports) had no traction whatsoever, I tried to
> put the two
> right-side wheels in the snowbank along the side of
> the road in order
> to scrub off speed.  Instead, I managed instead to
> put the two _front_
> wheels into the rather deep ditch.  So I got rid of
> that pesky speed
> quite successfully, but didn't get a lot of style
> points for it, I'm
> afraid.  I even had to suffer the bitter humiliation
> of letting a Jeep
> Cherokee pull me out (yeah, I had a shovel, but they
> wanted to feel
> useful

No experience with Green Diamonds, but having just
came from there, and finally getting to test out my
Hakka Q's I can say I highly reccomend them.  I never
once felt uneasy about the road conditions, and that's
saying alot for what was on I-70 this weekend. Coming
home, everyone was staying out of the far left lane at
one point because it was pure ice, but I REALLY had to
cram the brakes to get the car to slide on it.


Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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