Green Diamonds, anyone?

Emre Washburn yumyjagermiester at
Sat Mar 1 20:07:55 EST 2003

I have Hakk 2's (they come studded as opposed to Hakk 1's which are
studable) on my CQ and they are great. I can come to a complete stop in 22+
inches of snow and get out with no problems. I also got ditched (more like
a down slope into someone's lawn :-)) in about 8 inches of snow, locked the
read diff, and gout out no problems. Most of the credit goes to TOR-SEN but
some goes to the Hakk's.  They are made in Finland for god sake, they are
covered by snow the majority of the year!

90 CQ- quattro list newbie, 20v veteran (not really)

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