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Dave Hord spokes at
Tue Mar 4 10:31:21 EST 2003


It's time to once again own a four seater!  I came soooo close to buying two
automatic coupe GT's last week, to make one good coupe GT.  Then I was going to
use a third as a donor car for the standard swap.  But the tranny was bad on
that one so I needed to find a fourth standard tranny...

In the end I decided that I wanted to see more then just the underside of an
Audi for the next six months, and decided to pass.

Late last week I heard about a 4000 quattro, however, and the investigation

1986 4000 quattro (potentially a 4ksq)
267,000 km
Repainted by a previous owner (my only fear!)
A price I couldn't refuse!

Yesterday I bought the car sight-unseen! (save for the photos I was emailed)

Tonight I'm going to actually look at the car, and then pick it up tomorrow.

At best I found a daily driver so that I can stop crawling over the roll-cage
every day (the girlfriend loves it...really).  At worst I bought a donor
vehicle for a transmission/rear diff swap into my 90q.  Not too shabby methinks.

If anyone has 4kq specific websites that they think I'd be interested in, I'd
be more then excited to recieve the links.  Probably best to send the links off-
list, to my private address only.

Huw's site is going to be my favourite destination for the next little while!!

Check out the pics:, more to follow
once I see it tonight.

89 90q  330,000km as of Feb 26th.
Rally Conversion...perpetually in progress...
Roll cage shots available at:

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