NG vs 20V

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Yes, ICing is pretty critical, never gone more than 5psi without it, I'd say definitley at 10.


>That is my scheme exactly!!!! Only thing is my compression ratio !!!!! is
>intercooling necessary on that set up? I am just to be safe...
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>You can go to 10psi if you like, you can get about 200hp out of the stock
>with this kind of setup.  You don't "need" the 5kt intake, the stock KX will
>work fine too, you  just need to come up with some intake plumbing.
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>> Bolt on the turbo and exhaust manifold from an early
>> Audi turbo diesel. Also necessary will be a 5000 turbo
>> intake manifold. Strictly bolt on. should take a day
>> or two (or three) once all the parts are assembled
>> (and I've got them all!). Engine will remain in place,
>> although such a set up will need a stronger clutch at
>> some point
>> Should be good for 160 hp at a safe 5 psi boost

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