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Haydn Taylor Hi Scott, Fabulous to hear youre feedback, and before I get into
a reply let me first say many thanks for youre excellent website. It has saved
my neck on numerous occasions whilst trying to source all sorts of typical
Audi idiosyncratic failures. So having said that let me get back to my
reply.... It sounds very much like you have built a car that is similar to my
expectations. My biggest goal as you know is to try and get rid of a lot of
those 4000lbs. Did you notice a marked disfference in performance when you
hacked that much weight out? my target was to be under 2000lbs, but by the
sounds of it I am refining my guess to be closer to 2300 to 2500, which should
still be a definite improvement. Currently the car is pretty stock, with a
160K motor, modified computer to 1.8bar, stiffer wastegate spring and a few
other bits and bats. Best run at NED to date was a 14.4 at about 86mph I think
(fuzzy memory back to last summer of whooping my friends riceroni's :) ). I
would like to get into the high 12's without doing more than dieting the car
and switching out the exhaust system and intercooler, or at least closer to
the 12's. I had considered changing the hood, fenders and trunk lid to carbon
as I have some friends in that industry but I had considered that farther down
the list, maybe I should contemplate it up front. The car also has one spot of
rust on the passenger rear arch from a ding in its past life so I was
contemplating boxing the arches front and rear ala Euro 20V URQ (nice to be
able to stand a pint glass on youre wheel arch!) That would then allow me to
run aftermarket 17 or 18" rims as the tyres are now more readilly available.
If you have some info on youre suspension setup, i.e. vendor contacts I would
love to see it. regarding brakes I was going to start out with the stock setup
and just change hoses for now, then later on if the car proves fun I would
change to 4 puck aftermarket. but the goal here is low cost (my time not
included obdviousely) If you have some photos of your machine I would love to
see them, feel free to e-mail me directly or send me a web link. Thanks again
for your advice and if you dont mind I would love to pick youre brains further
once I get further into this and have obtained all the relevant rule books to
spec the thing up. Cheers Haydn p.s. where are you located? >From: SJM
Autotechnik >To: haydn_taylor at hotmail.com >Subject: 5KTQ Race Car project
>Date: Tue, 04 Mar 2003 10:29:38 -0800 > >Haydn, > >A couple of years ago I
put together a low budget 1987 5000TQ >track/street car that does very well
against most of the cars that >show up at the local Audi, BMW and Porsche Club
events. > > I pulled out the interior seats and carpet, the A/C system,
>sunroof mechanism, rear window regulators etc. I left in the power >steering,
the heater system, the front window regulators and >electric mirrors. I used a
vacuum boost from the 1983 5000 Diesel >which works well for brake assist. I
initially tried running without >the power steering but it wasn't worth the
10-15lbs of weight >savings and made the car hard to handle at speed on the
track. > >The front hood weighs about 50 lbs, which is one place to lose some
>extra weight if you can get someone to make up a fibreglass or >carbon fibre
version My car still has all the stock window glass at >the moment, the front
windshield was replaced recently and I noted >that it weighs about 32 lbs.
With no driver and no fuel the car >currently weighs about 2825lbs, but needs
a roll bar or cage added >which would add back some weight. > >The car has a
ground control coil over setup, with 380lb springs in >the front, and 500lb
springs in the back with custom valved >Bilsteins in the front and some Koni
Yellows in the back. Will >likely get rid of the Konis and add the Bilsteins
in the rear. I run >the Kuhmo Victor racer 245/45X16 tires on the old S4 16X8
wheels >with 8mm spacers up front and some fender flaring in the rear.
>Cutting the inner metal fender liner loose in the rear helps allow >the
fender to be pushed out without making it look horrible. > >I added the 20V
vented rear discs and calipers in the rear and have >actually been running the
stock G60 brakes in the front with >Porterfield R4 compound pads all around.
The car obviously needs >better brakes in front which would help lower its
time around the >track. > >The engine is stock with 130k miles and only has a
2 1/2 inch >exhaust system with a single turbo type muffler at the rear. I
made >up a special ECU that runs 16-18psi using a 2.5 pressure sensor. It >has
run a 13.89 ET at 98MPH. > >I recently added the 20V intercooler and a K24
turbo as the original >K26 spun off the front compressor nut when the WG
diaphragm leaked. >The car ran the same ET but has a 2MPH slower trap speed
with the >K24. But, the K24 makes for a fun street car with boost coming on
>very quickly. The CIS fuel injection air flow plate is pretty >restrictive
above 4500RPM in 3rd or 4th, so the car really needs >some type of EFI. I plan
to put the Megasquirt EFI system on later >this year. > >Here is some info on
the various component weights I checked while >working on the car. >
>http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/perform.html#weight > >I would leave in the
AutoCheck system wiring as it has some nice oil >pressure monitoring above
2000 RPM built in as well as keeping track >of the coolant reservoir level. I
removed most of the seat wiring >and some of the window electrical wiring, but
it doesn't weigh that >much, so don't get carried away when tearing into the
wiring, most >of the time it isn't worth all the time to rewire the car to
make >everything work. I added a light weight radiator cooling fan but >kept
the existing wiring and run the fan on only one speed. I >eliminate the
injector cooling fan and the after run pump. > >Hope this helps > >Scott
Mockry >SJM Autotechnik >www.SJMAutotechnik.com
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