geneva news - Coupe GT

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Wed Mar 5 17:04:23 EST 2003

DAMN... about time the Coupe GT got a deserving powerplant!


>audi has released the nuvolari concept at the geneva show.
>this is a cope gt, with bi-turbo v10 (ex lamborghini) complete with 600hp and
>750nm torque (available at 2,000rpm)!
>the front is the da silva's new audi "family face", and it does grow on you,
>although it is a little heavy in its current guise.  overall it works well,
>although the rear is disappointing to my eye, too much subaru.  overall the
>gt is build on an a8 space frame, shortened.  the suspension is the air-setup
>from the a8.  clearly a shot across bmw's bows with the upcoming 6-series coupe.
>time to market??
>0-100 in 4.1sec.
>i see also that m-b has announced it's high-speed coupe, the cl 65, complete
>with a bi-turbo v12, and 612hp with 1,000nm torque (!)
>when will this power race between the german manufacturers stop?
>'95 rs2
>'90 ur-q

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