More ?? on 9007 vs 9004 bulbs

tihol_tiholov at tihol_tiholov at
Wed Mar 5 14:43:58 EST 2003

> ... I think I read in a past thread that the only change you would have
to >make is bending a metal tab on the headlight

Make that "breaking off a plastic tab"

>or making some sort of mod on the bulb,

described recently

>but no wiring changes. Positive low, positive high and ground are in >the
same places for both 9004 and 9007....right?

The center and one of the side wires have to be swapped.  Forget which 2,
did it a couple of years ago by looking at a bulb, guessing and testing.
It was relatively easy to figure out, harder on the fingers to get the tiny
plugs out of the sockets.

>Or was I too far into my six pack when I read that?

The second thing to go in Alzheimer's is memory.  The first? - I forget ;o)


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