werid CIS-3 timing problem

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Wed Mar 5 20:18:13 EST 2003

Make sure you set your timing with the car warm, at 800rpm,  and with the fuse in the FPR, have you done that?


>I've run into a wierd CIS-3 ignition timing problem on
>my 90tq conversion. The thing is that when I set the
>initial idle timing to 6-7 deg BTDC, after a drive
>around the block it is retarded, I not sure quite how
>much, but at least 7 degrees.
>If I put in the fuse on top the fuel pump relay as the
>Bentley calls for (for checking idle timing) the
>timing comes back to 7 BTDC. Its like its switching
>between timing maps or something !
>Any ideas on this one ? The car does at times seem
>sluggish off idle as one might expect for retarded
>timeing.  Other times it seems OK.  I should mention
>this engine is 8.5:1 compression unlike the stock
>Some other diagnostics. Idle is fine at 730 rpm, no
>vacuum leaks, no knocks or pings, decent 91 octane gas
>used, knock sensor seems OK, no error codes.
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