016 vs 01E and Turbo HP vs Torque

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Ok, this and some on the HP/torque discussion.  I really doubt that you can
overkill the 016 TQ transmission any more than the O1E transmission in
actuality.  First, the 016TQ is good for about 400 turbo HP, then it tends to
blow out 3rd gear (which is really a torque problem, cuz max torque on turbo
cars tends to happen in 3rd).  With 350 ft/lb+ of torque (Bob's LT1Q
specifically) it will rip the front ring and pinion (before 3rd gear), I
still have that trans in my shop.   The front ring and pinion was also a
Group B rally car problem as well, btw.  The 01E will "supposedly" handle
more turbo HP ("The World According to Kluge"), but I doubt we are talking
huge amounts for a couple reasons.  First, the front ring and pinion is the
same size O1E vs 016.  Second, the O1E is a torsen based transmission, and
that university special found in the audi transmissions is only good for
400hp as well (then the basket busts apart).  As the shape of the tail
housing has changed in the 01E, I don't see how you'd easily change out the
torsen for a locker either.  Bob, you put that O1E into a smaller car, the
shock loads will increase (as the chances of lifting wheels does as well),
bye bye torsen.  Will it fit an Urq?  Sure it will, not sure why you'd want
to...  FYI a v8 5spd will fit the urq as well, there's one of those running
in TX.

I personally know very few (like short a handful) that have blown up the
016TQ transmission, whatever the rumor, I know of a LOT of 01E failures -
including the wider first models (contrary to the highly regarded opinions of
Kluge hisself, it may be a chassis problem, it may be that he considers the
torsen not part of the "transmission").  I do give credence to the turbo HP
vs torque argument presented.  Turbo cars tend to be better on transmissions
because turbos, no matter how fast, ramps up maximum torque/hp between gears,
whereas a LT1 for instance, has 90% of that massively tweeked I5 torque as
soon as you crack the throttle.

So Bob P, blow up your 016TQ FIRST, then go after the transmission.  In my 12
years of quattro experience, my gut tells me blowing up 016's is a bragging
right, not a preemptive strike problem.  And "as" a preemptive strike
problem, I'd beef up the 016 (hardened 3rd gear, hardened R&P) ala SMS before
I'd go after the O1E as a "solution".  IOW, celebrate/brag about the problem

HTH and my .02

Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
Team LT1Q kibitzer
016's aplenty

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Hope nobody minds me taking the thread in a slightly different direction.
Let's assume one were to embark on a project to build a really high HP 20V
I am talking beyond the 350-370 HP we see in rs2 clothing, and going north of
400hp with huge torque with a 2.5l stroker AAN.

 I have heard that the transmission is the biggest issue, in that the 016 3rd
and 4th gears can't handle power in excess of about 350 hp.

 Would that leave an 01E as the only remaining transmission choice capable of
handling that much power?  Does anyone have any BTDT in what it takes to
shove an O1E into a urq?


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