turbo sizes - was "kkk vs. garrett'

Dave C conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Wed Mar 5 22:53:37 EST 2003

Terho writes...
   " I read the post concerning the K26/TO4E hybrid.  Would you happen to
know what the A/r is on a K26 turbine housing?  I have found it very
difficult to find info on KKK turbos in general, and have never seen any
mention about A/r ratios."

Hi guys,
Here's a post I saved from Ned Ritchie, copied below.  I'm not sure if it
answers the question, but maybe it helps?
Dave C.

>From: "Ned Ritchie" <NED at IntendedAcceleration.com>
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>Subject: Turbo sizes
>Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 17:52:36 -0700
>Brett, and others,
>After reading Brett's comment below on need for turbos. . .
>Here is some info on hp vs turbo size:
>I've left off the turbine sizes except on the 5000
>to "hold my cards closer" and keep everyone guessing.
>You can push them a little for street use, but at a track stick with proven
>sizing with matched computers and other parts.
>Did you know the 4 numbers after the K?? number
>give the inducer and exducer sizes?
>300 hp K26 2664 CA  6.95 (5000/200 stock)
>265 hp K24 2470 GGA (the stock one)[I push to 277]
>285 hp K24 2670 GGA (an early prototype)
>300 hp K24 2672 GGC (here starts the RS2 family)
>310 hp K24 2672 GGC
>320 hp K24 2672 GGC
>350 hp K24 2672 GGA 10.11 (S2 Rally)
>410 hp K26 3072 GD
>??? hp K26 3270 GXA (Not very efficient)
>450 hp K26 3472 HD
>??? hp K27 3470 MNA 9.11 (Pikes Peak)
>Oh! and one other thing regarding how tough the turbos are:
>I can supply a pair of chips that will blow up your stock turbo in 3 seconds
>or less.  You'll have way over 300 hp for those seconds though.
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>> >certainly doesn't feel any better. Anyway, if it takes an RS2 turbo,
>> >manifold and chip to get >300 from MTM/Hoppen, how would TAP do it with
>> >just a chip...
>> I'll guess this; with MTM and others, you improve HP by improving the
>> mechanicals, ie, improving the design of the engine.  With the
>> Hoppen chip,
>> you're doing it the brute-force, cheaper(and, arguably, worse) way by just
>> ramming more air down the engine's throat and stressing the turbo(though,
>> supposedly, the turbo in our cars is one hell of a tough cookie.  Audi
>> seems to do a good job of picking them.  I have rarely heard of an audi's
>> water-cooled-turbo failing.)
>> Brett

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