5000S Emissions failure.....HELP!

Michael Butler mctts at ica.net
Thu Mar 6 00:46:15 EST 2003

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New 1986 5000s owner (186,000kM)...already spent more than the cost of car
on parts!

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Failed emissions for first test and retest (Ontario)

40km/h @ 2286RPM

HC ppm            Limit 112           Reading 58        PASS

CO%                Limit .063          Reading .060     PASS

NO ppm            Limit 1252         Reading 4341    FAIL

Curb Idle at 966RPM

HC ppm            Limit 300           Reading 191      PASS

CO%                Limit 1.5            Reading 0.26     PASS

NO ppm            N/A                   N/A                   N/A

Parts replaced:

Oxygen sensor

Large Temp.(multi-pin)sensor



Fuel Pump

Cleaned Idle Valve


O2 Sensor- 500mV +/- 200mV

Cleaned Idle Valve

Checked Fuel Pressure valve current: 10mA slowly dropping to 7mA. On
acceleration going back to 10mA. (Drops to 0 after "blipping the Throttle,
then returns to 10mA etc.)

Cold start valve checked and OK.

Throttle micro switches appear to be OK

NGK three terminal sparkplugs OK

Changed the synthetic oil, new oil filter, air cleaner OK.

I replaced the Cat. Converter  but am afraid to retest the car!!!!!!!! (Old
cat was in great shape (2yrs old) but emissions tester told me input temp
was same as output temp..therefore NG)

Car runs great. Starts easily in -26C weather. Only abnormality in idle is
random (10 to 20 sec. Apart) quick drops in idle speed with instant return
to normal idle. Does not appear to be as powerful as my 1990 Jetta.

Timing is set with regular timing light to centering the "rectangular blob"
in the middle of the timing window on the bell housing...can't find any
other marks. Seems to advance on acceleration.

The idle speed setting (on manifold) has been played with and may be out of

Does anyone have any suggestions please???????


Michael Butler


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