turbo sizes - was "kkk vs. garrett'

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Thu Mar 6 07:19:30 EST 2003

Sorry guys but this is total BS! The K24 can put out 285 HP at its
efficiency limits in a 3B and 290 in an AAN, I'm not the first one who did
that but MTM, Hohenester and Abt did it in Germany before me.
Now the RS2 turbo should stop at 350 HP? Sorry but I don't buy that, as the
German engineer who taught me how the chips in an ECU work and how to
modify the chips has an RS2 equipped S2 coupe putting out 380 HP, at the
efficiency and reliability limits of the turbo. 370 is achievable without
compromising reliability or efficiency.

Sorry for the "aggressive" post but when an RS2 turbo will stop making HP
at 350, it will mean that it's been pushed too far and that it's time for a
new one.



At 22:53 5/03/2003 -0500, Dave C wrote:
Ned wrote :
> >300 hp K26 2664 CA  6.95 (5000/200 stock)
> >265 hp K24 2470 GGA (the stock one)[I push to 277]
> >285 hp K24 2670 GGA (an early prototype)
> >300 hp K24 2672 GGC (here starts the RS2 family)
> >310 hp K24 2672 GGC
> >320 hp K24 2672 GGC
> >350 hp K24 2672 GGA 10.11 (S2 Rally)
> >410 hp K26 3072 GD
> >??? hp K26 3270 GXA (Not very efficient)
> >450 hp K26 3472 HD
> >??? hp K27 3470 MNA 9.11 (Pikes Peak)
> >

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