tips on aiming euros>

Zsolt zsolt1 at
Thu Mar 6 20:16:20 EST 2003

Scott is talking about this on his web site. It's around the top of the


Benjamin Weste Pearre wrote:
> Just installed Euro lights!  YAY :) Unfortunately, I can't figure out
> how to aim them.  The left is already OK, but the right is waaaay too
> high (about a foot high at 10').  I turned the top thumbscrew and this
> made it better for the first bunch of turns, and then stopped making
> any difference.  I turned the bottom screw, and flipped the latch on
> the bottom screw, neither of which made any perceptible difference.
> What am I doing wrong?  What are the screws supposed to do?
> Thanks much!
> -Ben
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> Ben Pearre          1990 200TQA

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