Team doorhandle- I want out :)

George Harris harchris at
Fri Mar 7 15:14:37 EST 2003


Have you tried the dealer? I went into the local dealer yesterday to
price one of the front door handles for my '87 5kcdtq and it was $70
Can. OK, that's a lot, but a third party door handle was $46 Can., and
the lock cylinders were not interchangeable. In Other words I have to
carry around an extra key to get in my drivers side door :-( On the
'quality' aspect; they had forgotten to thread the holes at the rear of
the door handle for the 2 screws that go in from the inside of the door,
and these holes were offset so that I had to file the holes in the door
frame. These 3rd party door handles are available through Altrom if
anyone is interested.

On the positive side, I CAN get in my driver's side door :-) Sort of
like good health. You don't know how valuable that is until it's gone.


R Mangas wrote:
> ....or in, as the case may be.  The driver's door handle on my 87 4kq is
> fragged; I pulled it out to check and it's el-broko.  My q's are these-  is
> there a preferred source for these, and/or are there differences in
> quality?
> has them for just under $30; under 'Brand'
> though there's no entry...
>   TIA,
> Robert
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