Problem with brakes, need some help.

Konstantin Bogach kbogach at
Sat Mar 8 15:06:14 EST 2003

Hi listers.

I finished complete brake system overhaul, bleeded but brakes are soft
and car is reluctant to stop. Bomb  is  dead.
With engine running pedal is pulsating as it goes down.  Bad bomb causes
it, according to some posts in archives.
After hard braking rear disks are dead cold.  I aslo want to mention
that ABS off light stays on when I try to switch it off (relay clicks).
But I believe it has nothing to do with soft brakes but ... just in

My question is: can just bad bomb cause mentioned symptoms?

My second 200tq had also bad bomb before I changed it but brakes were ok
- not soft, no pulsation and brakes engaged ok.  This fact causes some
confusion in my head.

Thank you.
Konstantin Bogach.
200tq '89
200tqa '89
urS4 '93

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