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John Anderson wvwbus at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 06:58:45 EST 2003

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Well my old email went belley up so for anyone interested I still need to s=
ell the two '89 200's though some details have changed as I bought the sync=
ro Vanagon I was looking at and need to sell ASAP.

car #1:

'89 pearl white with black (graphite) leather interior.  I went ahead and h=
ad the windshield in this car replaced.  I also had the drivers seat seam t=
hat had come apart professionally resewn.  The interior is absolutely mint,=
 no rips, tears, errors.  Some relatively slight wear on the drivers armres=
t commensureate with 108k miles.  As far as options, the heated seats work =
only sporadicly, the passenger side front window does not work, I haven't l=
ooked into it, probably only wiring or switch.  Seat controls, sunroof, all=
 other windows, gages, central locks, all perfect.  Headliner nice.  A/C is=
 ice cold, found that out for certain this weekend while in DC.  Runs and d=
rives very well.  With stock ECU will boost to 1.3 bar mostly, with IA ECU =
will boost to 1.7/1.8 bar gets 22mpg in mixed driving with either ECU, the =
IA ECU is not included with this car however.  The car has the older style =
alloys, not the BBS style, though not the 5000 turbo style either, sort of =
like those but with a large center cap, match painted in pear white, all al=
loys are in fair shape, alloy spare and its tire are as new.  Tires are a m=
ixed bag and need replaced, will do for 5-10k of summer driving but not nic=
e=2E  After whacking a big pothole this weekend car pulls to left, wheel no=
t damaged, probably could have used aligned anyway.  Paint is generally in =
good condition with the exception of 2-3 2" wide, 12-15" long strips of cle=
arcoat off hood, almost as if something was splashed on hood.  Also A-pilla=
rs have crappy touch-up paint of rock chips, normal rock chips elsewhere on=
 car.  That is about it.

car #2:

Well this was my first purchase with the unknown until too late slipping cr=
ank sprocket.  Head is removed and I did a budget rebuild had the seats all=
 touched up, used a good set of used exhausts I had around, 2 new intakes, =
otherwise they were OK, all hand lapped and vacuum checked, new guide seals=
, guides were within specs.  This car before its unfortunate event ran and =
drove perhaps better than car #1, no untoward noises or vibrations, does ha=
ve 170k on it.  It is a beigeish/silverish metallic with gray leather.  Rec=
aro sports seats.  Drivers is pretty worn, otherwise nice.  Headliner comin=
g down, door edges peeling, you get the picture.  Has BBS alloys with newer=
 Khumo's with about 75% wear left on the set.  No A/C compressor, P/S rack =
has slow leak, ABS light on never looked into it, may be wheel sensor may b=
e more.  This one has IA computer and I believe (I was told) wastegate spri=
ng.  Engine is not original to car, earlier MC block from 5000.  Like I sai=
d, head is off and I'm not inclinded to put it back on what I consider to b=
e a parts car, though one good Saturdays work would have it back together a=
nd running.  Has newish super-torque sprocket, water pump, belt, idler to p=
ut it all together.

OK I'm looking for the following.

Car#1, $2500obo.

Car #2, $1100obo, or $750 with car #1 or I will part all of car #2's drivel=
ine individually if I get reasonable offers for some of the larger bits.

Also set of 4 Eibach springs with about 5000 miles on them for any 5000 qua=
ttro/100?/200 quattro and NEW Boge Turbo Gas front struts $400 ono, $325 if=
 purchased with car #1.

IA ECU with car #1 for an additional $250 exchange for the stocker in the c=
ar or for $375 alone.

That is about it.  Both cars in Morgantown, WV, 1.25 hours from Pittsburg, =
maybe 3.5-4 from Baltimore, DC, etc.



wvwbus at yahoo.com

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