Coke into motor oil for Lifter noise.

Shawn Kubik skubik at
Mon Mar 10 11:19:19 EST 2003

Well I think I'm going to go the Marvel Mystery Oil route tonight by
draining 1 quart then adding that, then changing my oil in 100-200 miles
with Valvoline Maxlife 10w-40 and a Purolator filter, maybe it'll help

I have all kinds of odd noises in my head, lifters is just another one heh

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I wouldn't use Coke or anything like that for lifter noise.
That's like peeing in the gas tank IMHO.
Audi Lifters: They clack.  They have done it since the early 80's.  Its
Thinner oil gets to the lifters but won't stay there for start up.
Let engine warm up normally then drive.
Mann filter and 10/40W can't hurt.  I've run 20/50 in summer and 10/40 in
Only the tighter clearances of newer motors warrant a lower viscosity like
0/30 or 10/30, unless you live in Alaska then 10/30 rocks your cold world.
HTH -Scott in BOSTON

dont want to start anything bad here, but my boss said years ago in the
they used to use a 1/2 can of coke, not pepsi, coke, and the owner of the
audi dealer told him this !!-brian o'
93 90q sport
93 100csq
91 80 ( for sale )
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I have a 91 80Q w/ 208k on it and when I start it up cold the lifters TAP
VERY LOUDLY until the engine reaches near operating temperature, it
comes/goes away/comes/goes away until op temp is reached, regardless of
revs. usually if I rev it to 2k and let go it'll disappear for a few seconds
then come back.

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