Re:  Coke into motor oil for Lifter noise.

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Mon Mar 10 23:29:05 EST 2003

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I think your experience is uniqe, generally speaking lifters go noise-free
for about 100k miles, they have a service life, after this range lifters will
begin failing one at a time, usually only 1 or 2 are the noise culprit, you
can throw all the detergents and additives at a bad lifter and it won't help.

I also believe your oil-change interval is a little excessive (bad lifters
aside), especially if you're using synthetic.  I don't know what kind of
miles you do, but i'd be changing oil every 2.5 weeks...

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> In my experience, lifters are not items that need to be replaced.
> What I have found is that most lifter noise is due to sludge, varnish etc
> inside the motor.  This is due either to a motor that sat awhile without
> being run, or a motor that lived in dirty motor oil.
> For example, had a customer bring their '90 Jetta over for an oil change.
> when she pulled it in it was making the o-so-typical lifter clatter.  This
> case was on the severe side, you almost began to wonder is there was an
> exhaust leak.  It was bad.
> Anyway long story short we changed oil and filter, refilled with 20W50, and
> added a small bottle of detergent to the oil.  I say detergent referring to
> any product like CD-2 or Restore or Prolong-something to clean things up
> nicely.  We ran it for 5 minutes at an idle and then brought the owner out
> to
> listen.  She goes ok go ahead and start the motor.  The funny part is: the
> motor was already running-it was purring so quietly.
> Point:  change your oil frequently.  If you get an older motor that has
> been
> sitting change the oil in it and put in an additive if necessary.  The CD-2
> product seems to work the best, and is only like $4 a bottle-can be
> obtained
> at any auto store or even Wal-Mart.
> Paul
> '82 Coupe(oil and filter every 1500 miles)

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