89' 100Q Stalling

Kevin Stadmeyer lev at csh.rit.edu
Tue Mar 11 08:17:00 EST 2003

	HI I have a 1989 100 Q and a few days ago I took it out in the morning to
the gym, went out and came back fine, but I did notice that the
instantaneous MPG was very very low, like 5.0 but my speedometer is also
acting up and the needle is bobbing back and forth so I just figured that
was the problem.

	After I got ready to go to work and was about to leave, the car wouldn't
catch on the first few tries. then it caught but would automatically stall
when i took my foot off the gas. So I got another ride into work and when I
got home tried my car. It started up fine and idled just as well. So then I
leave it alone until this morning when I take it to the gym When I was 1/4
mile away from my gym it stalled as I was slowing down (brake, no gas) for
a turn.

uh oh.

So i put it in second and give it some gas, and it starts up ok. When I
pull into the gym I turn it off and then check to see if will start
again... It doesn't so I leave it sitting in the cold for about 1.5 hours
or so come back out, starts up fine. stalls twice on the way home but I get
it into my driveway when it chokes on the hill. So now I am waiting and see
if i can't start it to pull it all the way up, otherwise its staying in the
street. (And yes I have plenty of gas ;) My thoughts are that there is
something wacky going on so that when the car heats up the idle controller
doesn't work, or something along that line because it seems whenever it is
left out in the cold for a length of time it will start up just fine but
once it has been running its bad news bears.

Sorry for the long post, Thanks for any and all help.

	Kevin S.

P.S. I wont be able to respond to any email until i get home this
afternoon. thanks again.

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