Soccer mom to the rescue

Dave K. desmo888 at
Tue Mar 11 10:11:24 EST 2003

Ya know, I could never figure out why some folks give a shit what other
folks drive...

Dave K.
'90 CQ - thank God we don't all drive Audis...

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> So I head home from the momentous occasion of the first time I am able to
> drive my battered '84 coupe GT to work after owning the car for more than
> year.  It had been a long  and at times, frustrating ride that had
> temporarily bore fruit.  She was doing great as I was settling into all of
> the creaks and groans that I would become accustomed to shortly.  I
> to stop at the supermarket about a half mile from my house and went in to
> grab a few things.  When I came out and turned the key I got that gut
> wrenching click.  After a quick minute of trouble-shooting, some wire
> jiggling and a phone call sanity check, it was determined that the starter
> had gotten tired of being the only mechanical part that was original to
> car.
> I am sure we have all BTDT.  It is obvious that I needed a little pusharoo
> and I would be on my way.  I figured that it should be no problem to
> help in this busy parking lot.  Even though I hate asking people for help
> (probably why I started working on my own cars to begin with).  So
> by the car I observe as the masses seem polarized away from me.  I decided
> that I needed to get the show started by pushing the car out into the
> I pushed the car out and got it lined up on the all too level parking lot
> lane, still no-one.  So I start to push on my own and attempt to jump in,
> go.  It is at this point that the arch nemesis of the enthusiast driver
> pulls up.  The dreaded soccer mom with her Grand Caravan in full effect.
> She asks if I need help and then informs the group of 12 year old girls
> her that they are helping me.  At this point I think someone else may have
> jumped back there as I had to jump in as fast as I could since the car
> to lunge forward.  I stuck it in gear and it fired right off.
> The moral of the story is clear and I have learned my lesson.  As much as
> hope that people do not judge me by my currently multi-colored vehicle I
> will try not to judge the kindness of strangers by the vehicular
> they fit.
> -Sean Shoemaker
> '84 CGT (waiting on starter)
> '87 5kTQ (waiting on clutch)
> '01 Dodge Dakota (waiting on a new owner and a day when it is no longer
> fall back crutch)

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