boge turbo gas lifespan

Dave Hord spokes at
Tue Mar 11 10:34:10 EST 2003

Ignoring the fact that I'm moving over to coil-overs this year...

I've been using the BOGE Turbo Gas Struts in the 90q for three years now.  The
fronts lasted through two years of TSD and Drivex rallies where I literally
beat the crap out of them.  The rears are still going strong. We're talking
bottoming out the car multiple times every kilometer here. And that doesn't
include the rapid suspension movements for the normal sized stuff...

I replace the upper strut mounts after every event, as they only last one...but
the struts kept going and going.


86 4ksq 266,600km new to me as of March 5th 2003... will it stick around??
89 90q  330,000km as of Feb 26th.
Rally Conversion...perpetually in progress...
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Quoting scott thomas <scott at>:

> How long do BOGE turbo gas struts last in comparison to Bilstein HD's?
> I do alot of miles and was considering BILSTEINS for their long life,
> but the BOGEs are nearly 1/2 the price.
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