Bad heater core?

R Mangas porter_dog at
Tue Mar 11 14:23:09 EST 2003

  FYI, coolant vapor is typically quite toxic.  Yum.

>From: cobram at
>To: skubik at
>CC: quattro at
>Subject: Re: Bad heater core?
>Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:03:12 -0500
>If it's not a sweetish smell, then there's a good chance the smell is
>coming from the brushes in the blower motor.  If it were the heater,
>aside from the smell, you'd also be experiencing fog up on the windows,
>and the smell would not be intermittent.  The blower may be on it's way
>out, I've BTDT with the blower motor, seems to only smell on really cold
>days, during the first operation on a cold car.
>"Shawn Kubik" <skubik at> writes:
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> > --
> > Sometimes when I have the blower on and the heat cranked in the
> > morning I get some pretty awful smelling burning kinda smell in the
> > doesn't smell like coolant but whatever it is, it's not healthy
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