Coke into motor oil for Lifter noise.(1500 mile oil change)

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Tue Mar 11 20:42:43 EST 2003

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Perk you "ears" up and read this one.  Got it off a Prof tech board, and
there was a followup or two confirming the experience.  Change the oil
often, and go to synthetic is you have one of these.  The inline 5 still
reigns supreme as the most reliable/well built and engineered Audi ever,


Just to let all of you Audi/VW guys know that their are getting to be
alot of issues with poor maintenance by 1.8T and 2.8 30v owners. We have
seen quite a few major engine problems because customers are taking these
cars to the quicke lubes and going too long between oil changes. We have
seen engines gone at 60k and oil pump screens completely plugged. A
rather new twist is the cars being towed in as a no start and( by the way
they spin over you think broken timing belt ) they have no compression.
After you check the timing belt and do a leak down test you will think
bent valves, but when you get the heads off they are ok. At this point
you will be ( as I was ) going what the @%#* is going on. I used to be a
shop foreman of a VW/Audi dealer, so I called my friend who is the shop
foreman now and he said come on over I will show you all the cars we have
over here with the same problem. Long story short the lifters are getting
plugged up and not bleeding off holding the valves open. When you have
the heads off you replace lifters, but you can fix this by using one of
the engine flush machines. The dealer said they just flush out the engine
and they start right up. How is this for a strange one. We need to
educate our customers about doing oil changes right and at 3000 on these
cars. Just thought you might want to know.



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