Headlight bulb life

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I would suspect that you may have too high a voltage in the system. If you are driving over super servere terrain; potholes, etc; the vibration may be killing them.  I have had Flosser from Germany, H4 bulbs in several cars for over 4 years; no failures yet.  Normal 9004 bulbs would last about 3 to 5  years.
Good luck
Greg Galinsky
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> I finally got my H4 euro's installed on my 4kq not too long ago, and I can finally see where I'm going.  They are a huge improvement.  The only thing is that the bulbs are only lasting about a month or so.  I have to buy the third set today because both bulbs went (at different times) yesterday.
> The first set were no-name ones so I got Wagner super-something-or-others for about $10 each at the local parts store.  These were actually really good and the beam pattern was crisper than the first set.
> The way these are wired, there is heavy gauge wire from the alt (fused) to a separate relay for each high & low beam triggered by the old wiring from the switch.  They are grounded with good size wire right to the core support.
> Is there some issue with the way they are wired?  Or can I get better bulbs somewhere?  The old lights really sucked, but I used to scrounge used 9004's and they'd last 6 months or a year.  Or do I have some other voltage / current issue or something?  Please help.
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> -Dan  (Boston)
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