Altitude Settings for DPR/CPR?

CTDiesel at CTDiesel at
Fri Mar 14 16:26:57 EST 2003

I live at 7,000ft above sea level and cannot decide if you have to set the
DPR/CPR at 3mA.  10mA is for sea level to 1,000 ft.   Or do you set it with
the Altitude sensor unplugged at 10mA and then plugging it back in will set
the current to elevation.

I have all but given up on trying to figure out why i cannot accelerate when
its cold without hesitation and if i correct the cold start then when hot the
engine stumbles cause the DPR/CPR is out of range.  Every sensor is new and
fuel pressure and pump and relay are all good.

Last input from anyone?


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