'91 20V Auxiliary Radiator

Dave K. desmo888 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 15 23:17:13 EST 2003

Right...I'd prefer to keep my car as it was designed.  El cheapo short cut
to me - these cars deserve to be maintained properly.  Joe Blow in West
No-where, USA does not know better than the Audi Engineers.
Makes me wonder what other short cuts were taken.

I f you plan to keep the car until it dies ( a damn long time for an Audi)
then "to each his own".

I also would venture to say most folks on this list DO replace them when
they go bad.

Dave K.
'90 Cq - plan on selling a highly maintained CQ some day...

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> Doing two at once here...
> --- "Dave K." <desmo888 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Why not spend the $130  and just put a new one in
> > it?  If I was shopping for
> > a CQ and found one with the Aux rad gone and the
> > explanation "it ran cool
> > enough" - I'd walk away.
> Well, not exactly, I'd venture to say most of the
> people on this list have ditched them when they go
> bad.  I personally don't run one, and with only the
> stock radiator I was fine for hard street driving,
> granted I have a good oil cooler.  My advice, clamp it
> off, run a higher percentage of water, and a bottle of
> Redline water wetter and you'll be fine.
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