Dist Cap/Rotor - No Start

Bhatti, Mohammed Mohammed.Bhatti at si-intl.com
Mon Mar 17 00:29:11 EST 2003

Any ideas how I can check?  Anyone got any pics?


88 80q

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You probably mixed the wires

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Decided to replace the cap and rotor yesterday on my 88 80q.  Took the
cap off.  Took the rotor off and replaced with new.  Plugged in wires
the old cap one by one and (I think) in the same order.  Now, when I try
start the engine turns but wont start.

So have I mixed up the wires?  I even put the old cap/rotor back to no
avail.  Also lined up the rotor to point to the hall sender on the cap
to no avail.  BTW, is #1 cylinder where the hall sender is or is it two
poistions down on the dist cap?

Any ideas or what I should look for next?


88 80q

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