rs6 drive continued

David Eaton deaton at
Mon Mar 17 17:39:23 EST 2003

more seat time in the rs6 today, which gave me an hour of unfettered access
to the car.

1)	the degree of raw power is stunning, highly addictive, and simply
sensational.  full welly cannot be adequately described until you do it.
2)	reinforce everything i said about the gearbox, i can't imagine why
you would need a manual. nice to hear the gearbox changing down for you as
you are on the brakes, the steering wheel tip paddles are set very close to
the wheel and are plastic unfortunately, but work well none-the-less.
3)	brakes are more devoid of feel than i remembered.  ultimate
retardation is, of course, excellent - but feel isn't good.  i'm not talking
snatchy like an s6, but you cannot modulate the brakes in the same was as
you can with big-reds on an rs2, or in the s8.
4)	like the rs4, the steering is heavier, but doesn't have more feel,
it just feels stiff.  the feel and control of the s8 is better, but i prefer
the rs6 over the s6 in this regard.  the rs6 tends to "muscle" around
corners.  tyres too wide?
5)	i loved the look on the faces of an x5 and a m5 driver, both who
recognised the car and were trying not to oggle it, all the while keeping
about 5m from the bumper.

overall a sensational motorway and touring car.

i checked availability.  according to the dealer, there are currently only 2
unsold (of 50) in nz.  the 1st one is due arrive shortly.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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