Subwoofers and blower motors

Brian O' briano_72 at
Mon Mar 17 12:57:55 EST 2003

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i got 2 10's and an amp, i can hear it, its pretty impressive too, it was t=
here when i bought the car, or i would have never done it, hell it was a se=
lling point to the wife, i told her i could make some money from selling it=
 all, but i like it !! and its not pounding out rap music either, its heavy=
 metal baby !!!
and have fun putting your blower motor in !! have to remove most of the stu=
ff from the cowl panel on the pass side firewall, under the hood !!
brian o'
93 90s sport ( thumpin' )
93 100csq ( thumps with bose )
91 80 ( sold, but still here, and doesnt thump )
 Rafael Machorro <rafaelm at> wrote:

I would like to get more low end out of my stereo and went to look at
subwoofers today. I wanted to get a bazooka tube and was told that because
my 89 100 Q
was built like a tank that I wouldn't even hear it. Anybody have a
subwoofer system that they can recommend? I also need a blower motor for my
heating system. Anyone have one that works for sale?
Rafael (Ralph) Machorro

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