re. type44T problems

ben swann benswann at
Mon Mar 17 18:53:52 EST 2003


After having dealt with marginal batteries leading to hard starting and
making you chase problems elsewhere, I'd have to recommend you start
your trouble shooting by getting a fresh battery.  A weak battery can
even pull down one that is jumping it.  Sounds like a simple fix, and
it may be.

Following that, you can check to see if ECU is storing any codes.

You may have flooded the engine with the persistant cranking earlier,
and find it starts fine now - that is what happened to one of our 4kq's
after it was buried under the snow for a week.  Follow-up by
checking/cleaning up your grounds.

Let us know what you find.


[car is a '86 5kT.  didnt drive it for a week and went to start it
yesterday, it cranked over but didnt start, tried it a bunch of times.
also battery was draining down.  jumped it off my trusty '78 chevy
caprice wagon (more reliable than any audi ive ever owned!) and still
no go.. seemed like it was not getting a spark? when i took jumper
cables off the audi, the batt was totally dead. didnt do anything when
i turned the key.  Could this be afuel problem?  ie, cold start valve?
or a electrical prob?

'86 5kT]

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