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Hey, Ben, nobody would intentionally do what happened.  It was merely an
annoyance and was no big deal to me since my computer at least has a
<delete> button.  Nobody, well - at least not me, is blaming you.  It is
covered under an old West Virginia saying:  "Sh**, uh, Stuff
happens."  Don't worry about it.  :-)

At 02:47 PM 3/18/2003 -0600, Audi Dude wrote:

>Well even though I shot off dozens of apologies yesterday and was
>embarrassed to the point of disconnecting my satelitte dish from the
>computer, lugging out my old computer and hooking it up to DiAlUp to avoid
>MY computer from sending this same email over and over it seems that some
>people just want to point at the wrong person.  I am saying this for the
>last time - I was not sending that email.  My computer was not sending it.
>I am sorry and I will unsubscribe if that was an issue.  I don't know what
>the problem was but I was not me or my computer.  It kept sending the same
>emails to me as well.  Over 200 times per post from myself.  Trying to weed
>through those to get to the flames was most unnerving.  Ruined an otherwise
>great weekend.
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> >  > Maybe YOU should unsub if you can't deal with hitting
> >  > delete.  I know, I know, it's a tough life, but we all
> >  > have to suffer.
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> > Wit seems to be lost on the witless sometimes.  Chime on Unka Bart, most
> > of us "get it".  Welcome Back!
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I've been wondering... Who would Jesus bomb?

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