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Wed Mar 19 17:14:34 EST 2003

well.. for 80bux you really cant go wrong. and in a hatch/coupe they will
work better than in a sedan [cuz youre in the box with the speaker =].

but as far as bass being inversely proportinal to age... i listen to as much
jazz, acid jazz, fusion, etc as anything else, and have a long throw, dvc
sealed 12" with 1/2 of a 600w orion to each voice coil, and its SO
articualte.  having real bass extension isnt an age thing so much as a music
reproduction thing. go down and listen to a pair of b+w nautilus 801's with
the big15's through a 600watt Krell and youll see what i mean about LOW and
LOUD and RAD. =)

but hey - anythings better then a 6" round flapping in a door panel.


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>Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 20:54:59 -0500
>I can appreciate the newer bass systems with their enormous bass
>capabilities but my 38 year old taste likes the little bit of bass the tube
>gave me.  Especially for $79 (Black Friday Special last year at Circuit
>Besides, my car is German, I sit up in my driver's seat and I wear my hat
>with the bill facing forward.   ;-)
>Dave K.
>'90 Cq - no thump but a little bump
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> > i just caught this - IMO i would steer clear of the bazooka. even a
> > decent 12" woofer [$150 JL auidio] in a small sealed prefab box [75$ for
> > 3/4 mdf enclosure at most car audio shops] with a 200w amp [basic mono
> > with crossover] would SLAM over a zookatoob. i see pretty good used amp
> > deals on ebay..
> >
> > i dont want to rile the guys who use/like them, but if you like music
> > any depth of bass [which means anythign except boys choral] or like to
> > listen at higher volume you will get VASTLY better articulation and
> > with a real sub over a bazooka. ive heard zookas sound ok in small
> > hatchbacks but they dont [cant] make any low bass, they just make lots
> > upper bass [80-120 hz] that most people think is bass [cabin gains
> > notwithstanding]. granted in the trunk of a 5k it will have more bass
> > you do with no woofer. but the step to separate amp/woofer is kind of
> > going from a receiver to separate amp/preamp.
> >
> > spend the $ on a woofer + amp. youll be happier. the point abotu the
> > tanklike trunk is valid, tho not the the degree it would be in an sclass
> > benz or 740 beemer. cux if that were the case you would throw $10g worth
> > nakamichi and ADS at the problem.. ;)
> >
> > hth,
> > jim
> >
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