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Well, I am 36 and listen to a very wide variety of music. I like everything
from Glenn Miller to Eminem and I will tell you it is all about being able
to hear the whole spectrum of what is in the recording. There are certain
songs by Diana Krall and Jane Monheit for instance that have a wonderful
bass line that simply cannot be recreated by 6.5" speakers (and I have a
nice set of MB Quarts). There are also those times that I just wanna throw
on some DMX and bounce down the road so great subs will serve both

Rafael (Ralph) Machorro

"WE are the music makers and WE are the dreamers of dreams".
- Willy Wonka

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well.. for 80bux you really cant go wrong. and in a hatch/coupe they will
work better than in a sedan [cuz youre in the box with the speaker =].

but as far as bass being inversely proportinal to age... i listen to as
jazz, acid jazz, fusion, etc as anything else, and have a long throw, dvc
sealed 12" with 1/2 of a 600w orion to each voice coil, and its SO
articualte.  having real bass extension isnt an age thing so much as a
reproduction thing. go down and listen to a pair of b+w nautilus 801's with

the big15's through a 600watt Krell and youll see what i mean about LOW and

LOUD and RAD. =)

but hey - anythings better then a 6" round flapping in a door panel.


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