gonna jump my cold start valve

scott thomas scott at dreamtheater.zzn.com
Thu Mar 20 15:43:45 EST 2003

After months of tinkering with my residual pressure regulator, I
still have starting issues. I turned the residual pressure down a few
months ago and the car started great. Only problem was is (my
suspicion) is the lack of pressure when really hot was causing vapor
locking in the injectors. Very bad. Another symptom of the lowered
pressure was when driving around and the engine is really hot, I get
the rough running off idle, most likely vapor lock again. ANyway, I
turned the residual pressure back up, the rough running is almost
gone, but still have the hot start problem. GOnna turn it up some
more and deal with the long cranks, just as long asd the damn thing

Was wondering about what the best way to jump the cold start valve
is. I want to use a push button switch to momentarily inject some
fuel before I start the car.

Next, my next idea is to maybe fix a solenoid to the inside of the
air box, with a long shaft that can reach the sensor plate and push
it upward prior to starting.

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