CIS Problem

Erik Addy erikaddy at
Thu Mar 20 18:41:46 EST 2003

Ok, I still have a problem with my 89 200tq.  If it's
cold out, it starts right away, but dies immedietly.
After a couple attempts, it will keep running with
some throttle applied.  But you have to be real easy
on it untill it warms up, or it will buck, etc.  If
its been run and parked (hot start), it cranks forever
before starting.  Sometimes after it starts, I hear
something of a clunk from the front.  I have checked
the temp sensors, I think they are good.  I have
swaped warm up regulators, no change.  ISV is good.
Cold start valve works.  I have a theory, which is
probably bogus, but I'd like to see what you folks

I think it starts fine cold, because the CSV is
providing fuel.  I think it dies because the fuel
metering head is sticking and not providing enough
fuel to sustain running.  I think it doesn't start hot
because the CSV isn't providing fuel, and neither is
the metering head.

What do you think?  Any easy way to check?  Why would
the metering plate not move freely?  If it helps,
sometimes it has a rythmic surging when cruising on a
warmed up engine.  When this is happening I can look
at my aftermarket boost gauge and note a 2" pulsing of
the manifold pressure.

Thanks for any help,

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