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Brett Dikeman brett at
Sat Mar 22 16:24:32 EST 2003

At 9:03 AM -0500 3/22/03, Fay     ^. .^  ~ wrote:

>I called our car insurance this morning, I have just comprehensive,
>to find out if *contents* are covered by fire.
>Of course they are NOT.
>So I do not have renters/home owners insurance and I had better get
>some today !

I've seen two or three replies so far, and it seems everyone is
missing the point.

The above is akin to ringing up the insurance company to get
homeowner's insurance because you think the stove's leaking gas.

If the insurance company finds out you've known about(and hence
ignored) a rather obvious safety problem, they're not likely to be
sympathetic when you come calling for a fire damage claim, regardless
of what coverage you have.

Environmental concerns aside, the car is not safe to drive if it is
leaking gas to the point you can smell it or see it on the ground;
that means the tank material has failed, and that 'smell' could turn
into a "thick stream of gas" next time you go over a pothole.

Keep it out of the garage, and do not drive it until the problem is
fixed.  If that mandates a tow to the mechanic, so be it.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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