Update: Alternator questions (long, sorry)

radek at istar.ca radek at istar.ca
Sun Mar 23 15:36:34 EST 2003


I just finished troubleshooting a similar situation in my 88 90Q.  Voltage would gradually
drop while driving
to about 12.4V.  I cleaned all connectors I could possibly find, including battery
terminals and the engine ground
wire.  Took out the alternator, removed the voltage regulator and cleaned the contact
points on the shaft inside
with contact cleaner and a clean rag several times - good access inside once the regulator
is out.  Finally, I cleaned
the alternator body where it attaches to the engine on the premise that it needs ground
(maybe it doesn't, I'm so
ignorant when it comes to electricity, but a good cleaning shouldn't hurt).  Put it back
together: nice 14.4V now.
Hope it works for you!  And don't forget to put some dielectric grease on the contacts to
keep them clean.

88 90Q
91 V8Q 5-sp.

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> From: "Perry, Christoper (EDS)" <chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com>
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> Subject: Update: Alternator questions (long, sorry)
> Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 15:45:11 -0800
> I just found a great web page with technical description and schematic of an
> alternator.  Here it is:
> http://www.vtr.org/maintain/alternator-overview.html I think the issue I am
> having is due to using a regulator from a 90A alternator when I have a 110A
> alternator. Although the FA says they are the same PN, my local shop says
> they have two versions.  The Bosch rebuild place list nine different
> regulators for my alternator.  Anybody know the difference between
> regulators?
> Chris Perry
> 89 90q

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