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Yup, reters insurance is cheap peace of mind. When I was a renter (bought about 3 years ago), $30,000 in content coverage with $250,000 in libility ran me about $100 per year. Yes, per YEAR with State Farm. Well worth the peace of mind IMHO...

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> Date: 2003/03/22 Sat PM 01:42:16 EST
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> At 09:03 AM 03/22/2003 -0500, Fay     ^. .^  ~ wrote:
> >Since my husband is reluctant to take the time to deal with the problem
> >with my car, (who knows when he will make the time), after reading
> >everyone's responses about the smell of gasoline, I am extremely worried!
> >
> >I called our car insurance this morning, I have just comprehensive, to
> >find out if *contents* are covered by fire.
> >Of course they are NOT.
> >
> >So I do not have renters/home owners insurance and I had better get some
> >today !
> >
> >I am  afraid to take all the time needed to do proper research for this
> >type of insurance and would be very greatful for any suggestions as to
> >which company might have served you well in this regard.
> As a landlord, I suggest to renters that they obtain coverage of their own
> contents (which should extend to valuables left in a vehicle, I'd think) as
> well as liability for the dwelling.  I learned long ago when a renter's
> electric blanket came real close to burning down one of my buildings that
> my own insurance protects me, but my insurance company is going to go after
> the renter to recover whatever it costs to take care of me.  I just tell
> them to call a few of the home owner insurers in the yellow pages to get
> estimates of the premium involved.

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