More on the new 4kq

Aaron Sherrick aaron at
Mon Mar 24 10:37:42 EST 2003

> I seem to recall that the turbo camshaft is an upgrade for the non-
> turbo engines?


> Can anyone
> confirm that I should, or shouldn't drop this sucker in the 4kq? Didn't
> like a big investment at $25.

Heck yeah!  It was the best $40 I ever spent (even better at $25).  It's
generally a good idea to install new lifters when you change cams
(especially if it's a used cam).  Use lots of engine assembly lube or
break-in lube on the lifters and cam lobes.  When you fire it up the first
time, run the engine for a couple minutes or two at 2-3k rpm's so the new
lifters can develop the wear pattern of the cam.  Enjoy!

'86 4kq

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