Brakes - 5K wagon

Robert Deis rdeis at
Mon Mar 24 10:22:42 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, David Templeton wrote:

> Morning all,
> Well with the brakes bled and solid, when the car was running the brakes
> after a couple pump slowly fades to the floor and the brake alarm comes on.
> I realize the "bomb" is toast, I am in need of options:

With the car *running* it _fades_ after a couple of pumps?

That doesn't sound like the bomb to me- I would expect little effect on
braking performance due to a bad bomb as long as the hydraulic pump is
running and you're not using ABS.

Symptoms that I expect to indicate a bad bomb are a lack of brake assist
when the engine is off and the brake light, but otherwise good function.

If I'm incorrect, Gurus please set me straight.

That said, and assuming the bomb is indeed the problem:

> - can I pull off a bomb another car and what chance of it working? I have 2
> parts cars to get their "bombs".

Yes, but given that a bomb fails because of age, those are likely to go
bad as well. But if the parts car is there already, then its a quick easy
fix. The bomb isn't hard to get to.

> - can I fix my current bomb, if so, how?

There was a lister recharging bombs for a good price and with great
success by most reviews I read. Check the archives for "recharge + bomb."
I haven't used his service myself, so can't comment.

Don't know about an upgrade.

In any case, check the procedure CAREFULLY before disconnecting any
fittings- failing to releive the pressure first will show that the Bomb is
aptly named..

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