G'Bye List

McLoffs at aol.com McLoffs at aol.com
Mon Mar 24 12:38:49 EST 2003

One need not have an Audi to be on the list -- I went almost five years between Audis and stayed on the list the whole time, mostly because I just enjoy reading it. And because I figured I'd someday own another one, and it would be problematic.  :-)

-Mike McLaughlin
1995 90 Quattro

>>My post-partem depression is not yet kicking in, but alas I sold the
lil'Red-Tamat'r UrQ this weekend to fellow list'r Ingo R.  In one of those
wonderous events that seem to occur once in a while he sold his '83 UrQ to
non-list'r David H.  So two UrQ owners drove away happy and I was left with
a check.  My congrats to both David and Indo on their purchases and shortly
I will be un--sub'ing the list as there are no Audi cars in my inventory.
I've enjoyed the community and will no doubt continue to see many folks at
Q-Club events where I'll be driving something, most likely my old Colt.<<

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