Power steering high pressure hose rebuild

Dave C conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Mon Mar 24 19:16:30 EST 2003

At 05:24 PM 3/24/2003 -0500, Kneale Brownson wrote:
>What filter is that, Dave?  Have you installed some sort of filter on the
>hydraulics system?  Can you cite a Bentley page with the suggestion to
>replace a hydraulics filter?

Well... some folks may call it a screen, now I see Bentley refers to it as
a strainer.  It's inside the reservoir on all the type 44's.  Upon checking
the Bentley I find I was wrong... it is not actually stated that the
"strainer" should be replaced.

On Scott Mockry's website he refers to this filter/screen here...

I've taken the liberty of copying the relevant text at the bottom of this
message.  Scott does mention the option of replacing the screen, so maybe
that's how the idea got in my head.  I hang on every word he writes :-)
... seriously!  I do know that it is difficult to be sure this screen is
really clean because it consists of two concentric cylinders/layers of an
extremely fine mesh.  It's difficult to get between them and even after my
best effort I could scarcely see any light shining through it.  So I'm not
sure how clean I really got it.  I've never examined a new one as a point
of reference.

Recalling that Phil Haag is concerned about the groaning noise...
In the Bentley for the 1984-88 type 44, pg 48.10 it lists causes of
groaning noise from the steering system.  These include "restrictions in
the system" which would include a clogged filter.

Some of the banjo bolts have filter screens in them and Bentley says "DO
NOT clean banjo bolts, only replace them" on pg 48.15 of the newer Bentley,
under the section on "checking for restrictions".  This note also appears
on pg 48.11 of the earlier Bentley.
Dave C.

following text lifted from Scott's website...

I have used the synthetic Pentosin 11S in 1986-88 5000S/T/Q vehicles with
no problems. On high mileage vehicles, I like to flush out the system to
get the older fluid type out. I use Pentosin 11S as the flushing fluid, I
remove the fluid reservoir and drain out the existing fluid, and strain it
through a paint paper filter to look for excessive black rubber crud, and
metal fragments in the reservoir.

Most Power Steering rack rebuilding companies usual won't warranty a
rebuilt rack or pump failure unless all of the rubber hoses are replaced,
as well as ensuring there are no metal fragments coming from the pump when
only the rack is changed.

You should use some brake cleaner spray to completely clean out the
reservoir. The filter/screen can be pulled up and out of the reservoir with
some needle nose pliers. If this screen gets plugged up with rubber junk
bits, the power steering system can be noisy. These filter/screens are
available if you want to replace it.

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