Power steering high pressure hose rebuild

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Mon Mar 24 21:37:40 EST 2003

Earlier, Kneale Brownson wrote:
> At 07:16 PM 03/24/2003 -0500, Dave C wrote:
> >At 05:24 PM 3/24/2003 -0500, Kneale Brownson wrote:
> > >What filter is that, Dave?  Have you installed some sort of filter on the
> > >hydraulics system?  Can you cite a Bentley page with the suggestion to
> > >replace a hydraulics filter?
> >
> >
> >Well... some folks may call it a screen, now I see Bentley refers to it as
> >a strainer.  It's inside the reservoir on all the type 44's.  Upon checking
> >the Bentley I find I was wrong... it is not actually stated that the
> >"strainer" should be replaced.
> Ahhh, OK, I know the screen in the reservoir.  I can't imagine that screen
> becoming sufficiently plugged to cause any noise in the pressurized parts
> of the hydraulics system.  The reservoir is realtively unpressurized.

Yeah,  the resevoir is unpressurized - but when the screen is plugged
you are blocking fluid flow to the suction side of the pump.  When it's
bad enough, the pump won't be able to supply enough fluid, and may even
suck air into the pump-inlet side, thus it will run air bubbles through
the hydraulic pieces.  That WILL cause noise in the system.

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