Noise Fuel Pump in 87 4kq

Mike Robinson quattrofan at
Mon Mar 24 21:59:48 EST 2003

I just replaced the fuel pump on my 88 90q.
It was considerably louder before it finally died.
On the other hand the loud noise lasted for 2 years before it finally died.
If you feel the need to change the filter, you may as well change the pump
too while you are down there.  HTH

-Mike Robinson
88 90q 252,000 mi

On 3/24/03 10:40 AM, "Cade Carvell" <ccarvell at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I was wondering if the fuel pump starts to get noticeably loader, if
> that means that it is on its last legs.  I noticed the other day that it
> seems about 20% louder then normal...It seems to have stayed at that
> pitch.  I have all the fuel filters, etc to replace (just haven't yet),
> but I was wondering if the pump should be on my list also.
> These seem to be almost 150.00.piece...Ouch.  Do I need to replace
> this, or is this just normal Audi Pump noises....Kind of a loud Buzz
> noise.  It was thier when I bought the car, but it is definetly louder
> now (8 months later).  I also have no idea on its age of the pump, the
> car has only 67,000 miles on it...
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Cade Carvell
> National Business Systems, Inc.
> 2919 West Service Road
> Eagan, MN 55121
> Office: 651-994-4400

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