90q exhaust options

Alan Pritchard apritchard at seaeye.com
Tue Mar 25 16:25:54 EST 2003

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Hi guys, well my backbox has finally rotted through.... And I have looked at
boxes/systems for my 90 before and they are really expensive.  But I have
also seen backboxes for the s2,20v, and b4 chassis cars.  My question is
this, is there any real differences between back boxes on the typ89 and
typb4, is there any differences between s2,20v and 10v? I can only afford to
replace the backbox, I looked at stebro, but to the uk that's another $188.
I looked at g-power and they came in at £350 ish, when I can get a bespoke
system fitted for 420 ish!!!! Or an aluminized back box for an s2/20v typb4
for about 150!!!!!! And im sure there are similarly priced options in

Best Regards,
Alan Pritchard
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