Subframe R&R ( stubborn bushing)

Joshua Van Tol josh at
Wed Mar 26 08:03:46 EST 2003

On one of the bushings, you press on the shoulder, but on the other,
you press on the center of the bushing. The one where you press on the
center is the one without an outside metal collar. Doing it this way
sort of elongates the bushing, and shrinks its diameter, and allows it
to fit in the subframe. The Bently does mention this, but it's pretty
obscure. I had to ruin one bushing before I discovered this fact.
On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, at 09:35  PM, Martin Pot wrote:

> The guy operating the press did have some really good lube, and I
> thought
> that this surely would be sufficient, but it was not silicone spray.
> One other thing I wondered about, is that he used a ring that fit the
> exact
> diameter of the metal protruding flange of the bushing, would that be
> the
> ideal place to press or should there also be pressure on top of the
> rubber
> where it is more straight down the sidewall of the bushing?
> Now the bushing looks slightly deformed, like slanted. I have more
> spare
> bushings on hand, don't worry.
> I just really need some help and instructions like, "pressing bushings
> for
> dummies".
> I have been to a tractor place, a machine shop and a automotive
> machine shop
> and the first 2 were afraid and the last one tried but failed.
> Bentley is of very little help with this one.
> Thanks, Martin
>>> What is the trick?
>> Silicone Spray.
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