Transmission mounts? 1991 80Q

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Mar 27 14:30:39 EST 2003

> My 80q has 208k on it now and even when parked when I have the clutch in and
> I move the gears around it kinda clunks like the transmission mounts are
> hammered, look pretty cheap on PMC, only need 2?

> Also I get some weird resonation when cruising in the stick itself and then
> I kinda hear something "spin down" in the stick if I'm at high rpm when I
> push the clutch in, the resonation seems worst in 5th, need linkage
> replacement too?

> Any BTDT advice?

In both cases, I would recommend testing your diagnostic theory by
examining the parts in question.  At that mileage, it pretty much can't
hurt to replace those items anyway, but you should check them out to see
  if they are the source of your problems first.

Huw Powell

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